What is COIL?

COIL stands for Collaborative Online International Learning. COIL is a program where students from schools in different countries can speak, synchronously or asynchronously, via Skype, email, Voice Thread, Google Docs, Facebook, or other forms of communication. Each student in a class is paired with a student from another school in a different country and is given a prompt by their teacher about which to speak. During this time, the students are able to get to know each other on and individual level and learn about the culture and customs of this person’s country. This is the link to the COIL website:

How did we get into COIL?

Dr. Montoya began doing COIL in 2014 with Colombia. With a friend Yudis Contreras from the University of Catagena, they worked together with their classes for a semester.

Next, they did it in 2015 where Haley Fallon and Erica Braithwaite were students in Dr. Montoya’s class. This was the first time that Haley and Erica were introduced to COIL. Without knowing that this was even a class with a COIL component or how much it would change them forever, they attended what they thought would be their Advanced Spanish grammar course.

Alex Bates was introduced to COIL during the class of Dr. Elizabeth Small. During 2015 as well, Alex and Erica took Dr. Small’s class and conversed with people from Mexico.

Dr. Walker has been attending COIL conferences and would like to begin using a COIL component in his classes.

Our previous experience with COIL

Dr. Montoya, Dr. Walker, Haley, and Erica have attended many COIL conferences. Dr. Montoya has used the COIL component in her class three times; Erica and Haley have each taken two classes with COIL components and Alex has taken one.

Dr. Montoya and Haley presented COIL to a conference in Binghamton, NY; Erica and Haley presented COIL at the Student Diversity conference at SUNY Oneonta; and just recently, Dr. Montoya, Haley, Erica and two students from the University of Cartagena Paula Covans and Devian Parra Padilla, presented at the 10th annual COIL conference in Manhattan.