Santa Marta

On friday, we went to the place where Simón Bolívar died. There is now a museum there and we saw this museum and the house he was staying in when he died.

There is an interesting statue that shows three faces of Bolívar. Our guide showed us that from three different angles you can see three different faces which was very cool.

Our guide was also telling us about the different stories that all try to explain the reasons for the colors of the Colombian flag. One was about gold, blood, and water; and one was about the hair, lips and eyes of a woman.

There was also a very big tree there that you are supposed to touch to get “good energy” so of course we all hugged it.

An night, there was a very beautiful sunset over the water which we could see from our hotel.

Yesterday, we went to Tayrona National Park. We split up for the day and Professor Montoya and Haley went on a hike and Professor Walker, Tori, Falicia, and I took a boat to the beach.

Both trips seemed great and we all had a lot of fun. The beach was beautiful and the water was perfectly clear so I am very happy with my decision. We had chicken or a whole fish for lunch and read and swam in the water all day.

On the hike they saw things like monkeys and centipedes which I think they really liked as well.

This was a great last day to the trip and today we leave for the airport.



One thought on “Santa Marta

  1. Wow, these are beautiful pictures! What a great opportunity for all of you to be where you are. Enjoy! 🙂 Anna.


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