Second day in Barranquilla

Yesterday we spent almost all day with the people from Universidad del Norte. This is a private school in a town just north of Barranquilla.

We started by hearing about their school and their programs, then moved on to the campus museum. The museum was very interesting and it was not at all what I expected from a campus museum.

Then, Dr Larson, Professor Montoya, Haley, and I got a tour of the campus and Professor Walker, Tori, and Falicia got to see even more of the campus museum.

We all met up at the beautiful campus faculty resraurant, 1966 (which is the year the school was founded). The restaurant was beautiful amd the food was great. I have never seen a restaurant like that on a campus and definately one dedicated to faculty.

They then gave us a tour of Barranquilla. We saw the beach the students go to, the hospital where their students go, the mall, and the outdoor market. We were able to stop at the market and pick up some things to bring home.

Then they dropped us at the hotel and we rested up before dinner. It was a pretty good day and today we head to Santa Marta.



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