Hoy en Cartagena

Today we started early and headed to the University of Cartagena. Professors Montoya and Larson spoke to administrators; Professor Walker, Tori, and Falicia spoke to other people who studied museums; and Haley and I spoke to a teacher in the foreign languages department. After we were done speaking with her, we met up with Paula and got a tour of the school with her and her friend Laura. The school was very beautiful and used to be a monastery at one point.

After, we saw the place where the remains of Gabriel Garcia Marquez were kept. Because of this, we were on the Colombian news!

Then we went to La Popa which was a convent that is in the highest part of Cartagena. We had a beautiful view of the city from here. We learned about some of the history here which was very interesting.

We had some time after this to relax and take a nap which was very much needed (although Professors Montoya and Larson had another meeting with some administrators).

We went to a beautiful restaurant for dinner with two representatives from the University of Cartagena and our friend Devian from COIL.

Thankfully we get to sleep in a little bit tomorrow before we head to another school and some museums.



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