May 20- Today we saw the Universidad del Valle and were shown around by some students. They school was so interesting and the students seemed very active in politics and self expression. It was so intersting to see the way the students expressed their opinions especially in the form of art. There were murals and graffiti everywhere which where a great representation of what the students cared about.

After this, we went shopping for some souvenirs and then went back to the hotel to rest.

At night, we went to Tintindeo which is a salsa bar. We danced all night which was a lit of fun ans we all got to show off out new moves.

May 21- Today we went to Fundacion Able which was a school in a place called Siloe near Cali that taught English to this community for about 10 dollars a month (which is amazing). The school was run by a brother and a sister from the community. They started this school after they returned from studying in Seattle and realizing that they wanted to give back to their community. The school was amazing and incredibly special.

After, they showed us Siloe via cable car which was very necessary because Siloe is located on a mountain. It was interesting to see a community so different from Cali and in such a different way.

Later, we celebrated Alex, Haley, and my birthday with a cake since we are all born about a month from each other (tomorrow is actually Alex’s birthday- happy birthday!). When we were done, we went on a chiva and toured the city at night. We went to another salsa place to dance as well.

May 22- Today we left Cali and headed for Cartagena. We were all sad to leave, especially because Alex had to go home. We said goodbye to that incredible city but said hello to a new and different one.

When we arrived, we met our friends Devian and Paula from COIL. It was great to be able to meet them. I do not think that anyone believed that we would be able to meet people from COIL but we were able to today which was so much fun! We went out to lunch and then walked around the old city of Cartagena. It was so beautiful but SO humid. It was right by the water so we got a little breeze which was nice. We went shopping at the market there and got some ice cream. So far Cartagena is great!




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