May 17th: AZUCARRRR!

Today was a wonderful experience and a very intense day. First, after fighting the crazy traffic in Cali, we went across the city in direction to the northeast to the “caña” plantations. My best friend from high school was our contact at “Ingenio Maria Luisa”. They instructed us about the process of sugar production and then took us to the factory to see the process from beginning to end. It was hot and the smell of sweetness was deep insight our noses.

Later, we went to have “tamales” at my step aunt’s house in “Palmira”. My “picky” eaters didn’t mind and ate well sharing a plate.

After a short break at the hotel, we went to the first “salsa” lesson. There will be three days of sweaty dancing, what a great exercise! They know Salsa final exam is at “Tintindeo” Friday, and there will be a price for best accomplished Salsa dancer.

We are already imagining Oneonta community fused with “caleños” learning and sharing.

-Maria Montoya


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