May 16th: Cooperstown Arrival

Yesterday, Will, Falicia and Tori arrived at Cali and had the traditional breakfast at my parents’ home. They were so happy to see “arepas” “buñelos”, “pork ribs” and “quesito campesino”. Then I gave the group a house tour, and Tori said that if she had to do a museum exhibition of their first day, she would catch the spirit of my family’s house.

Falicia was impressed by the city traffic; it was amazing for her to see how motorcycles navigate crowded streets. We were caught in a terrible traffic jam at pick hour, all were hungry until we were able to escape to the south of the city.

An old city sharing space with a modern one.

Caleños are very proud of our gothic church “La Ermita”, and all the other historical sites. I am discovering so much about my native city through the eyes of my students, and the museum group is teaching us how to understand culture in multiple ways. Interdisciplinary work is great.

– Maria Montoya


One thought on “May 16th: Cooperstown Arrival

  1. Hi from Cooperstown. You folks look great. Have a fantastic time. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear of adventures when you return.


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