May 15th

I am rested now and ready to pick up the second group.
It was a nice Sunday afternoon. My “chicas” were able to see how “Caleños” of all social classes spend a Sunday afternoon in the city.
We went to the San Francisco Church and fed the doves with corn.

Haley, Erica and Alex did not expect the breeze to play with their short summer dresses, the city was flirting with them.

They tasted the sweet of “Cholados” at the nineth St “la calle novena”.

Then the iconic monuments of Cali: La Ermita” church, “El parque caicedo”, “El Puente Ortiz” , “el Río Cali”, and the monument of “María y Efrain” a romantic novel by Jorge Isaacs.

To walk my city with a piece of my U.S life is like coming back home to stay.
I love my work, and more when opportunities like this come to me.

-Maria Montoya


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