What we’re doing

We are a group of two teachers and five students from SUNY Oneonta and the Cooperstown Graduate Program. We are comprised of Dr. Maria Montoya, Dr. Will Walker, Haley Fallon, Alex Bates, Erica Braithwaite, Falica Eddy, and Tori Lee. We will be traveling to four cities in Colombia between May 15th and May 30th. We will visit Cali, Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Santa Marta. During this time, we will be traveling to different schools and museums to help design another COIL course for our school.

We are very excited about this trip and working with the COIL program. This all began with a grant from Banco Santander which allowed us to go on this trip. The students applied for scholarships with the money from the grant and Dr. Montoya and Dr. Walker chose these five students. Once the students were chosen, we began to have meetings and talk about our trip.  We have discussed safety, conduct, itinerary, and even practiced some Spanish since not all of us know it.

Now with only 11 days until departure, we are all getting excited and packing our bags. With finals week and lots of studying coming up, this is really something great to look forward to.


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